Thursday, December 22, 2011

She Said It Best

Read my sister Shayli's blog post Here.  
She pretty much sums up my feelings.

Home is Where The Heart Is

My friends are all home for the break. It's darn near close to the most fabulous thing ever. I absolutely love that I can be with them every day. Everything is just so great when we are all together. We talk about how we are going to be rich and famous one day, and how we will all live in a cul-de-sac/neighborhood all next door to each other.  We have been soaking up every minute. Be it wild, raging parties (more to come on those later), or watching hours and beyond of Gossip Girl in Steph's basement, we just love being together. So here's a shout out to those fine ladies I get to call my best friends... BRING ON TWO MORE WEEKS OF PARTYING HARD!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quick Update

1. First off, I absolutely love working at the pediatric doctor's office. It is so much fun! Even though I am not getting paid for it, I really like being there. It sure isn't helping my baby hunger though (don't worry i'm not looking to have a kid anytime soon).....

2. My brother and his wife found out they are having another boy! (this one is helping my baby hunger issue) This will be their second son, and his name will be McCoy Marhsall Hansen. I really am so excited. Bring on nephew #4.

3. I unfortunately do not get to work at the OBGYN office on Thursdays:( boo. It's that doctor's surgery day so he won't even be in the office. I am not giving up though..I WILL find an OBGYN office to work at on Thursdays...hopefully:)

4. I got a letter....well actually my family got a letter...from a cute missionary. A missionary I have talked a little bit about here and there. I adore him. He was very close with my family, and I mean my whole family aunts, cousins, nephews, siblings, parents, all of the above. I think it was as refreshing for them as it was for me to hear from him.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wrinkles, Crying, and Pregnant Bellies

I have made it known that I work as a CNA doing Home Health Care and my patients are old people whom I love dearly, wrinkles and all. I like my job and although it's not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, for now it will do.

On Tuesday I start my externship for Medical Assisting. I will be working at a Pediatric Doctor's office, and I could not be more thrilled. It will be interesting working with babies and kids who have just started their lives as opposed to my old people who are in the last stages of their lives.

Since this office has Thursdays as their day off and my home health work schedule also gives me Thursdays off, I am going to try and see if the OBGYN office next to the Pediatric office will let me extern for them on Thursdays. If they happen to let me, I will be one happy girl.
I will all together get to work with pregnant mothers, babies, kids up to age 18, and also my old people. Sounds great right? Cross your fingers about he OBGYN office.

        I get to look forward to this everyday

  And this...

And this....

And hopefully this.

I guess you could say I'm all sorts of excited.