Monday, October 31, 2011

Guilty As Charged.

I am guilty...of neglecting my blog.
I've been busy, and boring.
Anyway, I got my car back. It was a joyous reunion.

-I keep having this dream that Ryan Sheckler falls in love with me...and then I wake up. (such a mood kill)

-I fantasize about my my celebrity crushes falling in love with me, my wedding, perfect husband, perfect kids, and an adventurous lifestyle, Big whoop.

-Tomorrow is Halloween. I am indeed being a black bunny.

-There are two special birthdays coming up this week. (more on that later)

-It's late and time to sleep, but I vow to be better at blogging.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two amazing ladies

Today, October, 12 is the birthday of two amazing ladies
Jill Holdaway Hansen and Jessie Jean Du Pre.

First off, my sweet mother. She is the most amazing woman I know. I know that everyone says this about their moms, but seriously I have the best mom in the world. She never ever thinks of herself. She is always doing things for everyone else and taking care of anyone and everyone who walks through her door. She is the most Christ-like person and her heart is full of love for those around her. She has far too much on her plate, and sometimes I wonder how the heck she does it all. From babysitting my three nephews everyday, to running my Dad's business, to working at nights, and still taking care of us all, she really is Wonder Woman! I feel like I could never not need her. I need her for everything, and she has always been there for everything. When I don't feel good, she is the only one who seems to be able to help. I love her so much and hope that one day I can be even a fraction of the woman she is. Thank you Mom for being so gosh darn amazing. I love you, have the best birthday ever!

Next, Jessie Jean Du Pre. She is beautiful in every way possible. She is SO incredibly talented, smart, funny, outgoing, etc. etc. She really does have it all. We met in the 8th grade and she thought I didn't like her HAH! Funny joke Jess. Our group of friends just wouldn't be the same without her and I am so grateful that she moved here. She is always thinking of others and she is like a good therapist when life situations call for it. She moved up to college by herself this year, I seriously am so proud and amazed at how well she has adapted. I don't think I could have done it. Of course it helps that all of the boys are in love with her, so she always has something do to;) She truly is one of a kind, and I would be a better person in everyway if I could be more like Jessie. I love you Mama Jeggie. Have a wonderful birthday, you know we gonna party. 
 Alls I gots to say is you better be as excited as you are in this picture to party for you birthday.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

First off over the weekend I went to my first BYU football game...yes yes cue the "are you kidding me's" So I have never been to one..big whoop. It was actually really fun. I got to go with my dad, little sister, and my dad's good friend. Glad I experienced it.

We also found my aunt and cousin there:)

Next, my sister Shayli and her husband came over for dinner tonight. When Kenyon decided to go home, Shayli wasn't quite ready so she stayed and played for awhile. She was having some pain (from her 5 kidney stones) so she took a Percocet. We spent hours online stalking people on facebook, and reading Seriously I don't think I have ever seen her laugh so hard which, in turn, made me laugh really hard too. It was quite fun. Solid Sunday night I would say.
I guess you could say I kind of like her.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Winter? No, thanks. Weekend? I think yes!

Remember how I was so excited about fall yesterday?....and then it snowed today and was way too cold for me to love.  I am not ready to freeze everytime I have to go somewhere. I am not ready to have to start my car 20 minutes before I leave and scrape my windows so I can see out of them. I am not ready to slide all over the road (even though Will Smith is a trooper). I'm just not quite ready.

On a brighter note....I curled up by the fire and drank hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. It was simply delightful. Tomorrow is Friday and I can't even begin to tell you how excited that makes me. Weekends mean: getting to play with my amazing friends. Ahhh I love it. Just knowing I get to be with them makes me almost giddy. Also it means I get done with work at noon and don't have to go back until Monday! Cheers to the freaking weekend right? Can I get a Holla?

I seem to end up at Steph's house every night. The other night we found these blonde wigs....and well we couldn't resist.... I hope this picture makes you smile.

We also made a music video in the middle of the night. It's good reeeeal good. It took us until about 3:30 a.m but we finished it and recorded it. We have way too much fun. I love my bestie, she keeps life interesting. Perhaps that's why I end up at her house every night.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday's Top 5

     1) The fall is rolling in. It has taken its time coming along but today is certainly an October day. If it weren't for the dark clouds lurking nearby, I would be in love with it.
Today has really put me into the whole October/Halloween spirit. It just smells like Halloween outside ya know? When I got home from work this morning my mom was putting up some halloween decorations. I am thrilled.

     2) I also have a date this weekend to go to the Haunted Circus. Fun right? My sister Shayli will be particularly ecited about this...seeing as I have kind of hit a loser stage in my life and I don't really go out on dates. Most of my time is spent working or catching up on sleep, and this has caused her and her husband to worry about my sanity and well being. She even posted a "now taking applications to date my sister" add on facebook. Yes. This IS what my life has come to. So Shayli...I do have a date on Saturday. Celebrate all you want.

     3) On a much different note, Today I fell off a tricycle and nearly skinned my knee.
 My mom told me I am in denial of growing up. I told her that I don't have to act my age until I look it. She also told me she doesn't want me to move out...does that mean she is happy about my denial? Eat it up mom, eat it up for as long as you can. ( I secretly love when she babys me and wants me to stay home...that's probably my denial talking, but whatever I love it.)

     4)  I am not, I repeat not a morning person at all and I don't think I could ever convince my body otherwise. I do have to get up early for work, and I do it just fine with no (out loud) complaints. Buuuut if I had my way I would sleep in until noon or later everyday. Yes I did just admit to that worthless fantasy I have. Many have (to their dismay) found that I am not pleasant to be around right after you wake me up. But give me a few minutes, some hot chocolate or a Dr. Pepper, and I will be just fine and dandy.

     5) My car is OFFICIALLY, no turning back now, being fixed. Praise. I mean it's only been a month right? (kill me) Although I can't help but be slightly disappointed that I will never find out whether the Kia Soul comes with dancing hamsters or not. Oh well.

Monday, October 3, 2011

In the Mind of Cierra

Currently the thoughts in my head go something like this..

-Why must tomorrow be Monday?
-The weekend is over already?
-Tomorrow is pay-day! Yes!!
-Dear allergies...I HATE you!
-Why do my butt&thighs twitch after I exercise? Probably because i'm out of shape.
-Miss my car. Miss my car. Miss my car.
-I love my bed.
-I may or may not want a snickers bar.
-If I buy a Kia Soul will it come with dancing hamsters?
-I love Conference weekend
-I like temples. Alot
-Could my room be any hotter? Heat exhaustion status up in here.
-I looove my friends
-Why am I not sleeping?
-BYU wouldn't be able to handle me...more like I wouldn't be able to handle it.
-Now how about that snickers bar and a glass of milk? perfect.

Well thats about it folks. I'm utterly exciting I know.