Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quick Update

1. First off, I absolutely love working at the pediatric doctor's office. It is so much fun! Even though I am not getting paid for it, I really like being there. It sure isn't helping my baby hunger though (don't worry i'm not looking to have a kid anytime soon).....

2. My brother and his wife found out they are having another boy! (this one is helping my baby hunger issue) This will be their second son, and his name will be McCoy Marhsall Hansen. I really am so excited. Bring on nephew #4.

3. I unfortunately do not get to work at the OBGYN office on Thursdays:( boo. It's that doctor's surgery day so he won't even be in the office. I am not giving up though..I WILL find an OBGYN office to work at on Thursdays...hopefully:)

4. I got a letter....well actually my family got a letter...from a cute missionary. A missionary I have talked a little bit about here and there. I adore him. He was very close with my family, and I mean my whole family aunts, cousins, nephews, siblings, parents, all of the above. I think it was as refreshing for them as it was for me to hear from him.

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