Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boys, Boys, Boys

There are five kids in my family. One boy and four girls.
 I'm sure that at times while growing up the estrogen levels may have been so high that they nearly killed my dad and brother...they somehow managed to survive.
 I am convinced that my dad prayed so hard back in the day for boys, that now his prayers are finally being answered.
 The family that was once ran by the ladies is now being taken over by boys.

We were lucky enough to have Sasha join the family when my brother married her, helping the girl population out a bit...still we are no match for the boys.

Two of my sisters are married giving me two more wonderful brothers.

And then there are these four......
Apparantly my siblings only know how to make boy babies.
At least they are good at it though right? They are some good looking kids and I love them to death.

As much as I love my boys....i'm crossing my fingers that someday someone will figure out how to make a girl.

Until then you can find me kissing these little hooligans faces off every chance I get.

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