Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bigger and Better

 A few weeks ago I got offered a full time Critical Care Tech position in the Utah Valley Regional ER. It was crazy how it all came together really, and it was an offer I couldn't turn down. However, knowing that I would be full time at the hospital meant I couldn't keep seeing my home health patients.
For the past two years I have been doing home health care, and for the past year I have been with the company Health Watch. I learned alot and grew to love so many patients dearly, so it was a bittersweet feeling to know that I wouldn't be seeing them anymore.

I have been training for the past three weeks. This next week will be my last training week and then I am on my own! I have already learned so many new things and come home with crazy stories everyday.

I learned that I am not very good at in CPR on real patients not the mannequins. It's a whole new experience. Some of the techs are really good and can go forever....then I get up there and i'm tired and sweating after like 30 seconds.

It has been a great experience so far and i've already seen so many crazy things. Alot of what I see doesn't bother me like I thought it would, and I guess that means I am in the right position. I am so excited to coninute on with this new career chapter of my life!


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  1. No one comments on your blog so i figured I would so you didnt feel unpopular and kill yourself. so here it is { omg so exciting for you...and I bet your sisters baby will be the cutest. You have the best life}