Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby Girl

It blows my mind that I have not previously blogged about this, but seeing as these events happend while I was missing from the blogging world it makes sense. Anywho... Awhile ago I posted This Blog post about how my family is being taken over by boys, and how I wish someone would give me a girl.
Dreams really do come true everybody.
Around Thanksgiving the Hansen family will finally have a little baby girl! Shayli and Kenyon came through and granted my wishes. I wish words could describe how happy I am, but they can't. I have an obsession with little babies and honestly the fact that this one is a girl makes it just that much better.
Everyone knows she is going to be one spoiled little shat....She already is.
I'm really considering turning her into my little minion.

I may have bought this oneise for her already....I was so excited for her to wear it that I tried it on Shayli's belly. Looks fabulous already right?


                  Kenyon also may have bought her this bib.
I'm positive this isn't the last of the cool aunt attire that I or they will be purchasing. After all I did call dibs on being the favorite. Duh.

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  1. rowan is the nelson princess, like seriously. you're going to loooooooove having a little girl! although running around in the mud, wrestling, and doing boy things may be fun - doing hair and princess things is the best! i'm so excited for you!!