Monday, January 30, 2012

Just the Best Day

We all have that celebrity crush....
The one we day dream about. Mine happens to be Ryan Sheckler and has been since Jr. High.

Anyways, if you read my post below about the X Games, I mentioned that Saturday was the best day ever. Here's the story behind it:

We got to the Games and started to walk around collecting the free stuff they were handing out, and noticed there was a Red Bull loft giving away free Red Bull.
We obviously couldn't turn it down, so we headed over.

 Inside the loft Jessie noticed a white board on the wall that said "Autograph Signing: Ryan Sheckler 4:30"
She looked at me and we shared a look of disappointment thinking we had missed him. (really my heart felt a little crushed, but whatever), that is until we realized it was only 3:45.
Idiot move right?
I can't even tell you how excited I was.
I Cierra Jae Hansen was going to meet Ryan Sheckler.

Waiting in that line made me quite possibly the most anxious I have ever been.

Finally we got inside, and there were 3 snowboarders also signing autographs. He was the last one on the table, and I could not have been more exstatic to get to him.
 He was super nice and he was even more beautiful in person than he is on tv.  He signed a poster for me and we took pictures.
Definitely the highlight of the trip.

Call me crazy but I love him. How could you not?

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