Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goodbye Alcatraz!

My LONG journey is over.
I finally finished my medical assisting externship, or Alcatraz as Shayli Johnst calls it, and I am so happy! It's the last thing I had to complete after all the class work and pass offs (which took forever), to finally get my Medical Assisting certificate.
Now I just have to find a job....easier said than done. If anyone knows of any Doctor's offices that are hiring let me know:)
It will be nice to finally be getting paid for working instead of just slaving away. Don't get me wrong, I really did enjoy it.
The Doctor's office I did my externship at was too good! I loved the people there. We got along so well and they were so kind and patient in teaching me everything I needed to know, even when I made mistakes (and I made plenty of them). I absolutely loved it, and I will be missing them all dearly. I already do.
 Working with Pediatrics, especially the newborn babies, was so much fun and I am so glad I got that opportunity.

So here's to my third, and hopefully not last, medical milestone, becoming a Medical Assistant! Woot Woot!

...Seriously that 7-Up I am drinking is soo good. Diet mixed berry. It's a "limited time only" flavor, and I feel that the"limited time" is up. The Doctor had a case of it in the fridge and that seems to be the only place I can find it. So, if you ever happen to stumble across it 1)Taste it.  2) Inform me of where you found it.

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  1. that's odd... what an awesome, clever, unique title you have. I wonder who thought of it.... haha love you baby ci.