Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week at a Glance

Last weekend we went down to my Grandparent's house who live just outside of Capitol Reef in town Called Torrey, Utah. It's this cute little town that I absolutely adore.  We celebrated my Grandpa Hansen's 85th birthday. It is always such a nice weekend get away, and I especially loved being with the whole Hansen clan.

Valentines day was just an ordinary day. I suppose when you don't have a significant other thats about all it can be. It was stress-free and unless i'm head over heels for someone, that's exactly how I like it.:)

Today my little sister, her friend, myself and my dog all took a little trip down to the lake. Utah is such a beautiful place in all its seasons. Although it was cold outside, the sun was out and it was a lovely day to take a walk by the lake and enjoy it's beauty!

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