Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birthday Festivities!

My birthday was on April 7th, and can I just say I have the greatest friends?
Well I do!
At midnight Steph blindfolded me and took me on a drive until I had NO idea where we were. When we finally got out of the car we walked inside somewhere and I could not figure out where it was!
Once she took off the blindfold a bunch of my close friends started singing happy birthday. They even had a cake with candles! It was so sweet of them! We all stayed and chatted for a bit, and then went home to get some sleep.

After I slept in, I went to lunch with  my parents. They took me to one of my favorites...Red Lobster. After my delicious lunch, my Mom took me to the mall to pick out a new shirt for the night. My parents are the greatest:)

That night Steph picked me up at 6:30 and we met at Palomas. We then ventured down to Wingers where some of my closest friends were waiting with balloons! We had a yummy dinner and then went back to Carolines to play games and watch a movie!

I am so grateful for my thoughtful friends!!

I have completely been lacking on the whole picture taking thing lately....but here is one that Teal managed to capture!!:)

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