Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Newest Addition

Thursday I had a 3 hour job interview at the hospital. SO long. On my way out I saw my sister-in-law Sasha who was 9 months pregnant and I asked her what the heck she was doing there! She told me that she had been bleeding and so the doctor wanted to deliver her baby that day (two weeks early). I was so crazy excited I can't even explain. The older I get the more I love babies...so I was really excited for this one.

I had to run home and see a patient and change out my interview clothes so I could come back to the hospital and camp out until the baby came. And that's exactly what I did. We went back to the hospital and hung out until it was baby time.

McCoy Marshall Hansen was born around 6:40.
Nephews-4 Nieces-0
He is seriously the sweetest and I already adore him.

My phone is full of pictures of this sweet little boy. 
Welcome to the family McCoy!

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