Monday, April 2, 2012

I Really Hate Goodbyes...

This weekend I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends...
Miss Samantha Brooke Warner.
She moved to San Fransisco on Saturday to nanny for a year a half.

We had a perfect last week together, and I saw her pretty much everyday. We did so many fun activities that maybe I will blog about later.

As for now now I just want everyone to know how much I love my Sammy girl.
Over the last year we have grown to be so close. We've been through lots together and I can honestly say she is one of the strongest people that I know.
She is my go-to girl when I need ANYTHING. She's the best at giving pep talks and helping me in all sorts of ways. Going on long drives with her and just jamming out is one of the greatest things ever. I am definitely better because of her. She has a light about her that everyone can see, and she never ceases to amaze me. Words can't tell you how much I will miss her, but this is going to be such a good experience and I am so excited for her!....I love you so much Sam, you are the best!!

 Bowling night!

At her going away party

We just love her

Saying goodbye....SO sad:(

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