Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And the Days go Like..

If you're at all curious of what the "cool college kids" do now a days i'm here to inform you...

  •  Go to stake singles ward bbqs where you have to find people with: the same color of shirt as you, the same birthday month, someone wearing glasses, etc. etc. and list them all down on a paper before you can get your dinner.... I didn't eat.
  • Go to the romantic moonlight lift with a big group of people where everyone seemed to be pairing up, but not us "cool kids" nope me, kristen, steph, and shayli all sat together. I loved it. (no sarcasm there, I really did)
  • Work a whole lot taking care of old's a great way to start a conversation. When I meet someone new and they ask me where I work I reply "Health Watch Home Health Care, I go to patient's houses and take care of them". Their response is usually "oh like old people? do you have to change their diapers?! and see old men naked?!" "....Yes I shower them, change their briefs, and I have one patient that is indeed a man." Let me tell you, I can predict the look that is going to be on their face. It's the same disgusted look everytime, and they usually say something like "I couldn't do that". Same face, same line, everytime.
  • Take any opportunity I can find to take a power nap. 
  • Crash my car real bad... But find out that it's in great shape (besides the damage from the crash) and that they are going to fix it.
  • Have some real great bonfires up the canyon with lots of cool zoobies and such who make their own fire pits and keep me laughing all night. (Kristen was on a roll)
  • Make Steph pick me up and drive me everywhere because I am helpless without my car
  • Take turns with my Mom using her car to go to work. So rough I know.
  • Do "homework" in Steph's basement with her and Kai. Mostly Kai just falls asleep and Steph is too A.D.D. to pay attention or get anything done so I try to help them by reading the summary of the movie they were supposed to be watching. Fail. I keep telling Steph to go take the "Am I A.D.D?" test. It would be positive. And all of her problems would be solved.
  • On my days off working, I babysit my nephews and since their favorite movie is Annie, we watch it over and over and over again. Enough times that my little 2 year old can recite the whole movie, and sing along to all the songs...and he still isn't sick of it. My aunt claims that I made her watch that movie a million times when I was little. Karma's a beezy.
.....Yep that just about sums it up.

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  1. That sounds like some crazy days. I have adhd, it's fantastic