Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh How I Adore Them

Just so we're clear....I do have very smart friends. I want everyone know that before this next post begins. They get like 31's on the ACT and stuffff so just know they are that sort of way.

Alright, here we go.
on occassion (occassion being everyday), my friends make some not so smart comments and I just happen to keep track of some of them. So here is just a preview of what I deal with everyday.

(as we are watching Sam play cube runner)
Aj: "wow..he memorizes me" (he did indeed mean mezmorizes.)

(as me and Haeli are studying for our female reproductive test we come upon the methods of birth control and their accuracy)
Haeli: "wait like why would condoms not mean like there could be a hole in them or something? can you sue for that?!"

(as we are looking at the huge tortise at the zoo)
Emilee: "shouldn't this be in the sea....?"

(as we are looking a the gorilla at the zoo)
Maddie: "Cierra, this gorilla is buff and brown....are you getting turned on?"
Paloma: "if I can't have children I am just buying sugar gliders"

Emilee: "what kind of rides do they have at the zoo? I brought an extra $20 so I could ride them"

Paloma: "why isn't she crying?...oh because she's fat"
Sammy: "what fat people can't cry?...haven't you ever seen the biggest loser?"

Emilee: "three things Kristen will never do: get a blog, wear her hair in a squirrel bun, and say holla."

Paloma: "guys I have something to tell you... I know children are like drowned rats...but I kind of want a baby."

Emilee: "nice passport picture jessie..."
Jessie: "oh no! I look like a tortured cowgirl."

Jessie: "mom what's the wifi password?"
Gina (from upstairs): "beautyqueen"

Brandon: "you're talking to the kid who thought circumcision was a boob job till like a week ago."

(after not texting me back or answering my calls)
Sammy: "Sorry I was building furniture..I know I know i'm suuuper legit"

"Oh look you guys have diversity in your neighborhood. Good for you!"-Paloma

...And anything that Steph Stewart says is usually dumb. Far too many quotes from her mouth, but we love her.

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  1. I swear I am funnier that this.. I have way more quotes in your quote book!