Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Normally I would spend my Labor Day sleeping in, beng suuper lazy, hanging out with some friends, and doing homework.
This year, however, adulthood took charge and I had to work all day.
At first I was dreading it...getting up early, seeing a patient I didn't really want to see, no time for a nap, etc. etc. It turns out my day wasn't so bad afterall:)
My morning started off with an hour extra to sleep in because my first patient was out of town.
I then had a nice Dr. Pepper and Kit Kat fix.
Continuing on I had Del for lunch...always a good thing.
I also realized my punch card at Forever Young Shoes had six punches and my mom's had one...equaling seven (seven punches and you get a free pair of shoes). My mom gave me her punch card and told me to go get myself a free pair of shoes! Best feeling ever. Best mom ever.
Then I went to see another patient, but I was so happy about my new shoes I didn't even care.
So, bottom line is, although I had to work...a new pair of (orphan) boots/shoes can make any girl's day:)



  1. i didn't mean the one thing i said about what those shoes + the socks reminded me of.....
    oh i just love you.
    the boots are cute!