Monday, October 3, 2011

In the Mind of Cierra

Currently the thoughts in my head go something like this..

-Why must tomorrow be Monday?
-The weekend is over already?
-Tomorrow is pay-day! Yes!!
-Dear allergies...I HATE you!
-Why do my butt&thighs twitch after I exercise? Probably because i'm out of shape.
-Miss my car. Miss my car. Miss my car.
-I love my bed.
-I may or may not want a snickers bar.
-If I buy a Kia Soul will it come with dancing hamsters?
-I love Conference weekend
-I like temples. Alot
-Could my room be any hotter? Heat exhaustion status up in here.
-I looove my friends
-Why am I not sleeping?
-BYU wouldn't be able to handle me...more like I wouldn't be able to handle it.
-Now how about that snickers bar and a glass of milk? perfect.

Well thats about it folks. I'm utterly exciting I know.

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