Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

A bit of background info for you:
I made a list of items that within the next year or so I need to purchase. First, a new camera, then netflix, then a laptop, and so on and so forth.
 Camera. Check.
Netflix. Check.
So I have been saving/waiting until the right time for my next big purchase.

     I decided Black Friday was going to be a perfect time to look for a laptop. So that's what I did, and I found one that was going to be at Walmart for $189. Perfect. At about 7:30 I headed down there with my little sister. They gave us a ticket that guaranteed us a laptop even though we wouldn't recieve it until midnight. We had to wait in a designated line until then. There was about 10-15 people in front of us and our line was down a paint aisle (such a boring aisle to be stuck on). To make matters even more boring my phone died 1/3 of the way through the night eliminating facebook, twitter, and games.

     At 10:00 Walmart opened a whole bunch of their stuff and seriously I can't even describe the sounds that I heard once that time came. We were near the back of the store and we couldn't really see the craziness at first, but we heard it. It was a like a wave of screams, yelling, running, psychotic moms, and just pure maddness. Our paint aisle was our own little safety zone and we watched as people ran around grabbing whatever they could and throwing it in their cart. We saw some lady who was crying and holding ice packs on her knees and heard talk of someone being tazed...the things people will do for the littlest things.
Meanwhile my sister was in line at Toys 'R Us and some lady cut in line behind her saying "butting in line is not a crime". My sister responded with "no, but it could get you beat up on a night like this". The lady then looked at her and said "Well I have a gun and I will use it"....ummm psycho much? The cops definitely kicked her out of line completely.

    Finally after waiting for  4 1/2 hours it was time. I got my laptop with no trouble at all, and waited in the long line to check out. Best thing ever. Laptop...check. I love it. was also having some sales for Black Friday and I got two seasons of the Vampire Diaries on DVD for a total of $15.98. Too great. I also ventured to Target with my sisters and that was awful. The line wrapped around the whole store. I am so happy my shopping was already done.

I definitely scored big this Black Friday and I am pretty well pleased with myself. 

Bored out of our minds

Our cousin Morgan came to keep us company

Finally! So happy.

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