Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hidden Talents. Don't Forget to Share Them.

Some of you may be musical, artistic, athletic, etc. etc.
I on the other hand have a much more hidden and valuable you don't find all that often.
Dying to know what my hidden talent is?
I am the BEST house sitter ever.
Not a talent you say?
Talent it is.
Someone goes out of town and I get a call to come watch the house...and/or the animals in it.
This week my aunt is in Park City and sure enough I have been called upon to house/cat sit.
Some people would just have someone come check on their animals everyday or something like that...but it seems my employers always want me to stay in their houses. Sleep. Live. Do whatever the freak I want.. like throw parties n' such.
Proof that i'm just that good of a house sitter.
They may be having the time of their life on vacation, but who is to say I am not having a little vacation of my own at their house.
Though to you my talent may seem ridiculous, I quite enjoy it.
So next time you have decided to leave on vacation, call me up and I will give your house the best sitting its ever had.