Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Samantha Brooke Warner

 Sammy Warner.
I don't know when or how we became so close but it just keeps getting better and better. I seriously can tell this girl anything and know that no judgements will be made. She is simply amazing. I look up to her so much for so many different reasons. She is one tough cookie. No matter what goes wrong she gets through it...somehow, and with a good and positive attitude. She's one of the few people I can say really "gets" me. I can sit down with her, get into deep conversations for hours, and know that she is listening and is going to give me constructive feedback. Monday nights seem to be the nights we end up doing nothing together....she comes and picks me up, we go get icees, sit up at the water towers, blast Justin Bieber and talk for hours.
So thanks for being so great Bam! You know I would go to extreme measures for you, and that i'll always be here! One call, and i'll be on my way to Harmons parking lot in the blink of an eye!:) have the best day deserve it! 
I love you!

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