Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Night in the Lives of Shayli Johnston and Cierra Hansen

Shayli and I had planned our night. After hanging out at my little sisters birthday party, we were going to stay in, redbox a movie, and be worthless in the basement while we watched it.
Little did we know our night was going to be full of thrills....the creepy serial killer type.
We decided to drive around looking at houses that we liked. We ended up in the middle of Pleasant Grove in a nice neighborhood just admiring the pretty houses (keep in mind it was late, around 12:30). We noticed a red car lurking about, but didn't pay much attention to it. We circled around for a bit and on our way out of the neighborhood we noticed the red car was parked on the side of the road. We were in my little Mazda 3, and Shayli was in the passenger's seat. She glanced over and happened to make eye contact with this stranger driving the red car, noticing that he was a creepy man in his late forties/early fifties alone in his car. We then proceeded to leave the neighborhood, and so did he....
We soon realized he was following us, and started to panic knowing that my car was below empty on gas and we still had awhile to go before we arrived at my house in Orem. Neither of us wanted to believe that he was REALLY following us... you always hear creepy stories about this happening but it never REALLY happens to you right?? Well I decided to figure out if this was for real happening or if it was just a creepy coincidence. I started making random turns, and sure enough our stalker followed. We thought of what boy we could call that would come out and scare him away if we pulled up to their house. Unfortunately the specific boys that we knew would save us were either out of town, or we had already passed their house seeing as I was driving extremely fast, so we decided just to try and make it back to my house without running out of gas.
As we approached my neighborhood our stalker was close behind, and we really started to get scared. Shayli knew I was really scared because I started biting my nails....a dirty habit that only comes about when i'm scared or anxious. I was definately both. My mind was running a million miles per hour as I tried to think of what to do. I did not want this man knowing where I live, but I didn't want to keep driving either for fear my car would not make it much further....if we had to pull over we were surely dead meat. I knew what I had to I practically yelled to Shayli "I'M GONNA LOSE HIM!", and I put my pedal to the floor....Seriously I gunned it. I was going SO fast down this little street. As I sped up, so did he and he turned on his brights. I don't think my adrenaline levels have ever been so high. I kept going, turned into my cul-de-sac, pulled into my driveway, turned off my car, and yelled to Shayli to run into my house! We then made a dead run for it and landed in my living room where we knew we were safe, but decided to creep back onto the front porch to see if there were any signs of him. We could hear a car and it sounded like it was driving fast. Sure enough, a few seconds later, we saw that little red car speed right past my cul-d-sac. My parents were furious, naturally, and they threatened to go out and find him. I am just extremely happy that:
A) We made it home without running out of gas
B) I was able to lose him for just long enough to escape
C) I can kick it into Fast and Furious mode if necessary, and my car is willing to play along
D) There have been no signs of the creepy stalker since. (I pray it stays that way)

...Now you have a glimpse of what a dull night in the lives of Shayli and Cierra looks like. I can't say I exactly enjoyed that thrilling half hour of my life...but it definately made for a good story.

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