Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Awkward Diaries Volume I

Sometimes, on days I am especially lucky, I (or someone else) have simply awkward moments. And I either live them, witness them, or even just hear about them.
Here's a few....

When i'm driving on the freeway and I feel a gaze coming from the car next to me and I attempt to make them think I am just far to focused on my driving to notice.

When i'm walking up some stairs behind a boy with particularly large skater shoes, and he takes the stairs three or more at a time. Practicing his splits maybe?

When i'm at the grocery store waiting in the check out line and the guy in front of me starts jamming out on the handle of his shopping cart as if it were drums. Fully equipped with weird facial expressions.

When Steph, Jessie, and I take a trip to Red Mango and before asking steph what she wants, the guy at the counter says to her "killer shirt!!! I love it!!" In a far too enthusiastic voice. Perhaps his form of a pick up line.

When my mom asks the lady at the store if her baby is a girl or a boy. It's a girl mom....hence the dress.

When Jessie see's a middle aged man buying 1,500 pairs of underwear at Victoria's Secret. Yes. you heard me, literally 1,500 pairs. Explain that one to me.

When Steph and I go to the Blue and White Scrimage game at Timp and end up being the last ones there. Defff super seniors. It's embarrassing.

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