Friday, August 19, 2011

Ready or Not Here it Comes!

It's coming.
 Far too quickly I might add.
I don't want to say goodbye...or in my words "see ya later".
Alright, I know it's not really goodbye...afterall most of my best friends won't be THAT far away.
But it IS goodbye to everything we have known for the past 6 years.
It's the start of who we are going to be for the rest of our lives.
Some might think i'm crazy for being so sad about it....but I can assure you, if you think such a thing, that you have never had friends like mine.
We have been making the best out of our last week all together in our normal environment.  (there will be more about our amazing week together later)
Soon we will say goodbye, and tears will be shed...I promise.


  1. Goodbye is always hard but don't worry, you'll get through!