Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hopeless Bachelorette

As if I don't already know I am as single and alone as can be...
 Tonight my sister Shayli called me up to invite me to come along with she and her husband Kenyon, my sister Ashli and her husband Cole, and my brother Jason and his wife Sasha up to the Sundance Lift. Naturally since I would be 7th wheeling it up my first instinct was that I was not going. Shayli's first reaction was "don't you just have like a booty call you could call up"... good sister right? I told her that if a boy isn't in my life for good, then I won't introduce them to my brothers and sisters.
Don't get me wrong, my family is great, but I would just say they are a little bit intimidating especially for someone who is dating me to be around.
I am their baby sister, it is to be expected.
Anyway after much thought I decided to go. Jason and Sasha invited some of their neighbors along too so I ended up being like an 11th wheel.
Awesome right?
Really though it was fun. Shayli and Kenyon were nice enough to let me ride with them on the lift, and they even let me cuddle up next to them....such nice people.
Thanks guys.
Overall it was a great night. I love being with my brothers and sisters. Just sometimes it makes me realize how single I really am. Oh well. Sooner than later right? I like the single life anyway...most of the time.

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