Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brunette or Blonde?

   Many of you know my best friend in the whole world Stephanie Anne Stewart,
and for those of you who don't... let me introduce you.
She keeps me laughing on the daily, and sometimes I have to question whether or not she is a true blonde in disguise. Don't get me wrong she really is least in the book smart sort of way.
A little preview of what I put up with...
The other night we were watching a movie at Jessie's house and she turns over to me and tells me that she knows for certain that her mother is dead because when she stopped home she wasn't in her bed (unintentional rhyme)....she told me that it was intuition for sure and that she needed to get home right away.
Now, if it were anyone else I may be a little bit worried but this is Steph and knowing her for as long and as well as I do, I know that her intuition is never right. No offense. She cooked up this whole senario in her head and wouldn't quit worrying about it. So I gave in and took her home only to find all was fine at home (rolling of the eyes).
 Bless her heart.
Here are just a few of her best quotes.
"I never wanted to watch The Karate Kid 'cause I just thought karate was just a weird way of spelling carrot...who would want to watch a movie about a carrot kid?"
"I thought the L in staples was a C so I thought the store was called stapces"
"you and me ci..we're like a married couple cause you always give me the last bite!"
"his love is her drug"
"ummm my pants just ripped I think i'm gonna cry"
so like whats everyone deepest fear? Steph you go first..."I have a fear of going backwards"
"does this stupid thing called chat not work, or does everyone in this town just hate me?"
Yep. I think I will keep her.

 Look how talented she is


  1. seriously, she makes me pee my pants. never a dull moment. i LOVE her. love this. laughing out loud right now hahahaa

  2. hahaha like i FINALLY understand this girl. that sleepover must be happening soon.