Monday, August 15, 2011


Tonight was such a great Sunday night!
First of all I cleaned my room and sorted through all the clothes in my closet. So productive I know.

These hangers are from the clothes I got rid of.

Later, Steph came over to hang out with me since I was home alone. Because I am me, and love Del Taco wayy more than I should, I started to want it reeeal bad but it was only 11:30 meaning it was still Sunday. We decided to go on a little bike ride to pass the time. Our bike ride only lasted about 15 minutes so I told her we just needed to drive around in the car until midnight. So that's what we did. We ended up running into some friends outside of Sam's house and talked to them for a bit. FINALLY it was time for some Del:)
As we we going through the drive-thru, I look in my rearview mirror to see tons of cop cars and flames. We hurried and got our food and then parked across the street at the gas station to get a better look. Apparantly a car had started on fire...I don't know how or any details really, but it was cool to watch.
Pretty eventful for O-town right?

We all lined up to watch the fire

Well then I went home and just as I got there it started to pour rain like crazy. Harder than I have seen it rain in a long time.
Sammy texted me around 2:00 and we ended up talking on the phone about our nights and such....she had to give me and update since i'm like a crazy girlfriend and when I can't get ahold of her after the third time calling I start to panic. haha call me crazy. Anyway, as we are having some deep chats on the phone Sammy accidentally locks herself out on her 2:30 in the morning. With no answer from either of her parents, I came to the rescue.
I drove to her house, walked up four flights of stairs, and prayed in my heart that the door to get into her house would be unlocked. Sure enough we were SO lucky and I was able to get into her house and let her back in. haha the things I do for this girl ;)
I love my little idiot.

This is how I found her...haha poor thing

Overall I would say I had a pretty eventful Sunday night. :)

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