Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Fantasies

Call me crazy...but i'm somewhat excited for fall.
I was shopping at the mall yesterday with my best friend Steph and we came to the conclusion that we are "all shortsed out". Meaning we feel like wearing pants all of the time now instead of shorts, and it got me thinking... I am so exicted for fall clothes! Sweaters, jeans, long sleeved shirts, tights, boots, scarves...fall attire here I come! 
Not only am I excited for fall clothes but for everything that comes with fall...
Colored crunchy leaves
Perfect fall air where the temperature is just right... enough to not have the air conditioner or the heat on, where you can just roll down the windows in the car and its perfect.
Daylight savings (the good one where we gain an hour)
Apple cider
Corn mazes
Haunted houses
HALLOWEEN....(best holiday ever)

Yes, I am going to miss my favorite season which is summer.
Summer did me well this year.
But it will be back.

And while I am excited for fall, you are going to have to give me a few months to get excited for winter....
 Bring on the fall!!!

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